“Old Politics”


The time is now for “Old Politics” to end! Our district deserves to experience true and consistent leadership with integrity. District 21 is a thriving and progressive community; and we need leadership who will sacrifice and work with you to ensure educational fairness, public safety of our seniors, and economic growth for women and small businesses.

“Old Politics” govern according to those with deep pockets; but we are laser focused on meeting the needs of citizens like you and I. Together, we will review current policies, shape new legislation, and ensure the needs are met for all of District 21.

If you would like a seat at the table and to do away with “Old Politics”, then join the James McDowell for Delegate of District 21 team.

Over the course of James’s career, he has relied on the cornerstones of his faith to ensure that TRUST, HONESTY, and DIGNITY are the pillars of his work ethic. As State Delegate, James will work hard with families across social, economic, and political lines on vital issues like health care and housing, require a level of integrity that embodies the full faith of those in need to trust that he will do exactly what he say. As your State Delegate, James will never allow the people or the process to alter his commitment to you, the residents of Maryland on the important issues that are affecting you the most. James will represent you, just as he does when he serves in his role as Minister, with integrity!

On June 26, 2018, James wants to stand and fight for you on the important issues you talk about at your dining room tables and bring legislation while creating solutions to address the needs of all of District 21, such as:

1)  Educational fairness for students academically low prior to being referred to Special Education and reduce suspension rates.

2)  Ensuring schools in the most economically challenged areas are receiving adequate rehabilitation for their facilities.

3)  Equal pay and promotion for women in the workforce.

4)  Saving our environment by teaching our youth (K-12) and young adults how best to care for it (I feel they may lack a true understanding of the impact we have daily), replanting what we use and reducing their carbon footprint.  

5)  Public safety for our senior citizen being intimidated by the recent increase in car break-ins, and thefts.

6)  Student sexual assault on campuses, schools and the lack of resources for the victim.

7)  Schools in disrepair for over 10 years.  

8)  Currently meeting with residents concerning healthcare and tax concerns coming from Capitol Hill.

9)  Currently shedding light on the 140,000 children in MD in limbo about (CHIPS) Child healthcare not renewed by congress.

Maryland, we need you to put James at the table as your State Delegate where WE together will review current policies, shape new pathways, and provide quality leadership that will represent us all.




“As a small business owner, I believe in leading with integrity and building communities of respect that foster the principles of leadership.”


As an experienced leader in the K-12 system, I proudly worked to support the academic achievements of our most academically and behaviorally challenged youth.


Over the course of my career I have relied on the cornerstones of my faith to ensure that TRUST, HONESTY, and INTEGRITY are the pillars of my work ethic.
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