Mental Health

     We continue to have unmet needs in our behavioral health systems in Maryland.  Those using Medicaid insurance rose over 30%, emergency visits climbed to more than 52% and lastly hospital spending increased to over $240 million.  Unfortunately our state has reduced per customer spending on rising concerns which leaves unmet needs dangerously unattended.  As we now tackle the Opioid crisis we must understand that these unmet needs have a direct correlation to hospitalization, increased rates and incarceration.  We must move to a more proactive community based care system that is accessible and affordable for all families.  Although Maryland has one of the lowest Suicide rates in the nation unfortunately Suicide currently outnumbers Homicides in our Free State.  Our mental health system has been victimized by financial restraints in the last 20 years under current leadership, whose focus has not been on the overall well-being of their entire constituent body.  My commitment is to take a holistic approach to healthcare which encompasses a comprehensive approach to full wrap around services and providers.  

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