Preserving our Green Space throughout Maryland

     When we purchased our home, my wife and I were so amazed at the hummingbirds, bees (honey, mining, and squash) that would visit our front yard each morning.  Unfortunately, we have seen a consistent increase in green house gases and negative impacts with excessive development which has displaced our wildlife.  Additionally, we have not seen any hummingbirds visiting our front yard since 2011.  Many counties are facing the loss of hundreds of acres of land each year due to over development and corporations smothering small rural farms.  When we don’t protect our green spaces we cause changes to our environment to become imbalanced, accelerate global warming, displacement of wildlife, aiding in the extinction of birds, insects and polluting our clean air.  Also, there are significant losses to watersheds that provide our clean naturally filtered drinking water and less open spaces for our families to play, walk, exercise and cycle.  We must ensure that funding for Program Open Space be protected and fully funded. If the funds designated for the open space need to be used temporarily, there should be a clear plan for repayment and full transparency during such a process.

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