Equal Pay for All

     I am the husband of 18 years to my lovely wife Dr. Lori and the brother to 9 sisters!  I have long been an advocate and supporter of equal pay for women.  Although my wife has earned a doctorate it appears that education alone is not an effective solution to closing the pay gap.  Currently the pay gap between women and men have been long ignored and used as a bargaining chip.  On average in the U.S. white women earn 80 cents to every dollar white men earn.  This is even more disparaging when race is involved, for each dollar a man makes African American women makes 63 cents and Hispanic women earn 58 cents.  Additionally women carry 64% of the nation’s student loan debt.  In closing we must also recognize that African American men earn approximately 74% of their white counterparts and Hispanics earn 54 cents on every dollar compared to white men.  We have a duty and an obligation to treat every worker with dignity, respect and fairness based upon their experience and education to give everyone the ability to properly care for their families.

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