As an educator of 18 years, unfortunately I’ve spent too many nights in hospitals waiting for families to arrive because their child had experimented with illegal drugs, overdoses or alcohol poisoning.  There were times we unfortunately experienced loss, imprisonment and detrimental impacts on the families because of these factors.  We are in the midst of another major crisis related to the significant rate of opioid deaths and addictions which have doubled in the last year. This prompted Governor Hogan to declare a State of Emergency, share his personal experience, testify to Congress and appeal for more funding to combat this rising epidemic.  Anne Arundel and Prince Georges Counties are among the hardest hit counties in the state dealing with addictions and deaths related to opioids alone.  My plan will include a full scale strategic plan that includes SPECIFIC SERVICE PROVIDERS (addiction counselors, crisis workers, behavioral specialists, pharmacists, physicians, psychologists, social workers) and experts to develop plans that fully support families and communities to overcome this disease.  Lastly, medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies found to be in violation(s) of over prescribing will be held fully accountable regardless of relationships to elected officials.

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