Affordable Education

     This campaign has been pushing for legislation to offer free in state tuition for eligible residents, which has finally been introduced this election cycle.  More than 80% of families said that financial aid would be a necessity to pay for college tuition and more than 60 percent said it was extremely necessary. Tuition has increased 2 -3 times faster than inflation for the last 20 years.  Approximately 70 percent of families reported high levels of stress concerning college tuition.  This has caused them to raid their retirement funds from both parents and grandparents to pay for a 4 year degree.

     While some legislatures pushed for tuition caps at 4 years universities I believe it failed short of a plan for all Marylanders.  We will have a more proactive and solution oriented approach.  In addition to tuition caps at some universities we need secured free-in-state tuition, more scholarship opportunities, moratorium on charter schools and more opportunities for career schools. This model will encompass all levels of education providing internships, apprenticeships and communities that prepare residents socially and emotionally enhancing the executive functioning skills for new leaders.

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