Construction of Environmentally Safe 21st Century Schools

     Many of our legislatures have been in office for decades and only passed an infrastructure bill this cycle because “we the people” brought this discussion to their front door.  I believe some have failed in their responsibility to care for our children, teachers and communities for more than 20 years.  Many of our schools were built in the 1960’s with little upgrades that addresses overcrowding, adequate staffing, environmentally friendly and safety. Maryland has an estimated capital expenditure gap of $615 million. Our deteriorating infrastructure impedes our teacher’s ability to provide the best instruction in technologically fitted classrooms for global development. Our student’s are not fully prepared to compete in a national or international market due to this gross oversight.  Staff and families are feeling more anxious about 21st century safety measures not being fully funded in their communities.  Also Maryland’s ability to compete in an increasingly global marketplace is decreasing each year due to other states aggressively attracting fortune 500 companies for future opportunities.

     Recently some school leaders were informed that they will have to wait another 10 years before they would see renovations or new schools. Our students enter buildings built in 1965 that are quickly deteriorating and expose families and staff to environmental and safety concerns with little to no recourse.  Our families deserve 21st century innovative, safe green schools with smaller classrooms throughout District 21.

     I have been successful and fighting for the fair treatment of all students, families in education (college, K-12 and adult education) and on behalf of all educators since 2000.  My executive skills working with developers, small businesses, staff, parents and community stakeholders will lead to solution oriented progressive legislation.

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