“As a small business owner, I believe in leading with integrity and building communities of respect that foster the principles of leadership.”


As an experienced leader in the K-12 system, I proudly worked to support the academic achievements of our most academically and behaviorally challenged youth.


Over the course of my career I have relied on the cornerstones of my faith to ensure that TRUST, HONESTY, and INTEGRITY are the pillars of my work ethic.

     It has been such an honor to have worked with such a wise and independent thinker like Barbara over these past 9 years on the state of our schools and environmental issues in District 21. 
     Not many has worked as hard, deliberate and for ALL MARYLANDERS as she has. I am grateful I waited and respected her time in office before ever entering this race. It is not just about filling someone’s shoes like hers, but more importantly, Honoring the LEGACY of Ethical and Transparent Leadership she brought to our district. Lastly, her Grace and Cander that many should follow, THANK YOU BARBARA!


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