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James McDowell grew up in a single parent household with 2 sisters. His family of more than 6 generations is originally from the mid-west, but worked as sharecroppers in the tobacco fields of Arkansas. Searching for a better life, James’ family migrated to New York, where they found better opportunities through construction, real estate, and social work. At age 12, his mother married and their blended family grew to 9 girls and 2 boys. James’ parents taught them the importance of faith, hard work and service to their community.

High School was a challenge for James, the pressure to fit in with his peers almost cost him his High School Diploma. It was working at the Chrysler factory and day care centers that gave James a since of purpose. Tired and frustrated with living below his means, James enrolled into Bryant & Stratton Business Institute and entered the legal field as a paralegal. He continued his education and earned a Bachelors degree in Public Justice and a Master’s in Educational Leadership at New York State University and Walden University respectively.

Through his educational journey, James learned to stand up for those who could not stand up for themselves, fight for justice, and to plunge through walls that became barriers to success. James prides himself on being a servant to the community through sacrificing his time, talent, and wisdom to build bridges of hope and prosperity. James stands on the belief that it’s our right to live in a state that elect’s official’s who are there for the people, are willing to stand with the people, and be visible to the people.

Over the course of James’ career, he has relied on the cornerstones of his faith to ensure that TRUST, HONESTY, and INTEGRITY are the pillars of his work ethic. As State Delegate, James will work hard for families across social, economic, and political lines on vital issues like healthcare, housing, crime, and jobs, requiring a level of character that embodies the full faith of those in need to trust that he will do exactly what he says. As your State Delegate, James will never allow the people or the process to alter his commitment to you, the residents of District 21 on the important issues that are affecting you the most. James will represent you, just as he does when he serves in his role as Minister, with integrity!

Creating a reputation as a strong leader in the community, James’ leadership experience laid the foundation for his continued sacrifice and dedication to students impacted by policies and regulations that fought against their educational growth rather than advancing it; and exhibiting the lack of administrative leadership that can effectively stabilize our children’s future. As an experienced leader in the K-12 system, James proudly worked to support the academic achievements of our most academically and behaviorally challenged youth. James has been an advocate for our public schools, fighting for funding and parity for our economically disadvantage districts. Throughout James’ career as a licensed administrator, educator, and behavioral specialist, he has and will continue to be, a voice of power and advocacy for the students, faculty, staff and schools that need it the most.


“As a small business owner, I believe in leading with integrity and building communities of respect that foster the principles of leadership.”


As an experienced leader in the K-12 system, I proudly worked to support the academic achievements of our most academically and behaviorally challenged youth.


Over the course of my career I have relied on the cornerstones of my faith to ensure that TRUST, HONESTY, and INTEGRITY are the pillars of my work ethic.

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